... how to BUY

This is where Upendo becomes very simple and easy…


  • We don’t debit money from our customers accounts (bank or mobile money)
  • You pay a Upendo Agent when you want and how much you want
  • Approach any Upendo Agent and ask him to explain the product.
  • Upendo agents merely collect your payment and enter your details
  • The Upendo Agent will input all of your details, beneficiary details and dependant details.
  • The Upendo Agent will confirm your details again
  • You pay the Agent in cash
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from Upendo
  • Your beneficiary will receive a conformation SMS
  • You are instantly covered for the next 30 days

... how to CLAIM

Upendo makes sure that your loved ones know that you have taken out this policy, by also sending them a confirmation SMS. We know this is important because sometimes you may work away from home for long periods and may not be able to notify them.

We at Upendo need to create value for our products so we want to pay out valid claims to your beneficiary. This is our primary function and our reason for being. If you beneficiary unfortunately does need to make a claim this is how they need to go about doing so.

Supporting documents (evidence of death)

  • Death certificate or
  • Burial Order or
  • Police Accident Report, confirming death or
  • Letter from Headman or Chief for any rural deaths

Supporting documents (proof of beneficiary identity)

  • Beneficiary birth certificate or
  • Beneficiary passport or
  • Driving license or
  • National registration card

Claim documents

  • Completed death claim form, this can be completed at the Upendo or Prudential claims offices.
  • Bank statement or confirmation of mobile money account of the beneficiary, Upendo agents can assist in setting up a mobile money account for you if required.

We also have the right to ask for additional supporting information from time to time.

The underwriter of this policy is Prudential Life Assurance Zambia Ltd (Prudential), a registered long-term insurer, and they are ultimately responsible for paying any claims on Upendo policies. Upendo and Prudential depend on you and your beneficiaries to be completely truthful during the purchase of the policy, and during the claims process.

If your claim is based on false or incomplete information, Prudential won’t pay the claim. If, after Prudential pays any claim, Prudential finds that it was based on false or incomplete information, all claim payments will have to be refunded to them.