A group of ordinary but very different individuals, who were born, lived and worked all over Africa, were deeply concerned that so many ordinary, hard-working people that were not rich in wealth but rather in life, experienced so much hardship and pain, especially when a loved one passed away. But when that loved one was the main breadwinner the pain was felt not just emotionally, but also financially, and the hardship and despair lasted an eternity.

We feel that insurance products do not provide nearly enough value and benefits to the ordinary people and thus there is no access to financial benefits for the people. The people who need the most help and benefit have the least…we at Upendo want more for the people and we developed and deliver insurance products that are designed for the ordinary everyday people, who work, fight for and love their families.


We have simple rules in terms of how we operate…

  1. Our products must be simple…simple to buy and simple to understand
  2. We live and work in your communities, we must be available to you
  3. We must listen to and talk with, and help our customers…face-to-face
  4. We must fit into and understand your needs, you make the decisions
  5. We must give as much financial benefit as possible to you
  6. We must try and make you happy, especially when you suffer loss

What’s in a name

We decided to call our brand Upendo, the Swahili word for love…because above all, love is what drives us to be, to create families and children and to create belonging and hope. They say “love makes the world go round” and we hope that Upendo is part of your world.


Why Zambia

Some of our founding team members are Zambian’s and we like the country and the people. We believe that Zambians would be very keen to try our products and so it was decided that Zambia would be the first country to launch our initial product. We also partnered with Prudential Life Assurance Zambia to sell insurance products and Mr. Phone to sell talk-time and data. We like them too and they like what we are trying to achieve and made it happen.


Can you trust us

Upendo Life Cover is underwritten by Prudential Life Assurance Zambia which is an authorized Financial Services Provider. Prudential markets, distributes and services other long-term insurance products across Zambia. Upendo is a new brand of insurance and we need big and powerful financial backing to compete with the big guys. All Upendo branded policies are underwritten by Prudential Life Assurance Zambia (Zambia), a registered long-term insurance company. You can trust us completely that your claims will be paid.